How It Works

Fulfillment looks and feels complicated, but EzBiz makes it easy. We created a step-by-step illustration to show you just how easy it can be.

1.Manufacture or Source Product

Manufacture or Source Your Product

It all starts with you bringing an awesome product to market and supporting it with the necessary marketing efforts to drive sales. You can launch your product on a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to get preorders or sell on your own website through Shopify. You can even create a subscription model to sell your product on a recurring basis or sell directly to retailers such as Target, Best Buy or Walmart.

2.Ship Inventory to Our Warehouse

Ship Inventory From Your Supplier to EzBiz Warehouse

Once you manufacture your product, you will need to find a way to get it to ShipMonk. Your Happiness Engineer will work with you to find the most effective freight method and utilize our volume discounts to save you money on shipping as well as assist with customs documentation.

15000 Sf
2 Loading Dock
2 Drive-In

3.We Integrate All of Your Channels

Integrate All of Your Channels Into EzBiz

Our software integrates with 100+ shopping carts and marketplaces, so your orders will get imported and submitted for fulfillment automatically. This eliminates any human error due to manual input. And to top it off, not only does the integration take only minutes, we don’t charge you a penny!

4.Receive Products & Quality Control

Receive Products & Perform Quality Control

We’ll receive your inventory and update the product dimensions and weight to your account, so we know exactly what it costs to ship each order. As an extra layer of quality control, we take photos of each new SKU to ensure we’re stocking the same products you’re expecting from your suppliers.


5.Orders Start Flowing Into EzBiz

Orders Start Flowing Into EzBiz

Each time an order comes in from your online shopping cart or marketplace, our software checks that the item is in stock, the address is valid, and the order is mapped to the best shipping method. Once it passes through these checkpoints, it’ll automatically be submitted for fulfillment. If not, you’ll receive an alert that an action is required.

Inventory Check
Address Verification
Best Rate

6.Pick, Pack & Ship

We Pick, Pack and Ship Your Products to Your Customers

You’ve done the hard part of bringing a product to market, so we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to packaging your product. If you have custom packaging we’ll make sure it meets your brand guidelines like you packed your own boxes.


7.Automatic Tracking Upload & Email

Tracking Number Will Be Automatically Uploaded to Marketplaces.

Not only will you be in full control of the entire fulfillment process, but your customers will be relayed the tracking information. The moment their order is packed and scanned for pickup, they’ll get a tracking number so they can track their order from our warehouse to their doorstep.

Tracking Number

8.Customers Get Your Products

Customers Get Your Products and They Are Happy

The moment of truth: Your customer receives their shipped order. We know this is your brand’s time to shine, so we’ll adhere to your custom packing procedure making sure you put your brand’s best foot forward. We want your customer to be WOWed just as much as you do!

Happ Customer

9.Grow Your Business

Let Us Handle Your 3PL, You Focus On Growing Your Business

Outsource your business’ needs to us, you focus on growing more. You can relay on our capabilities and 10+ experience.

Grow with us

We are a full-service digital company

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